Square Primary Paper Confetti Midi Clutch! (7843022340323)

Julie Mollo!

Square Primary Paper Confetti Midi Clutch!

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Primary Paper Confetti! NEW! Square Confetti-Filled Clear Midi Clutch! You all have always loved our confetti clutches and we wanted to bring you MORE! Introducing a brand new style of SQUARE PAPER confetti! This clear vinyl clutch is the most fun way to store and organize all of your essentials, PPE, phone and unmentionables! Toss your essentials inside of this confetti clutch and toss the clutch in your tote! This clutch makes the best gift for bachelorettes, birthdays and just about any celebratory occasion! 7x5"! 7" custom XOXO brass zipper! Clear vinyl is easy to sanitize and disinfect! Designed & handmade in Brooklyn, NY!