Shampoo Bar - Monoi for Dry and Thin Hair (7845567234275)


Shampoo Bar - Monoi for Dry and Thin Hair

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TRADE up your daily routine with BKIND's Monoi shampoo for moisturized, soft, and shiny hair. This natural shampoo bar is recommended for dry or thin hair. It restores and retains moisture on the scalp and protects against dryness. Last about 40 uses.

WHY I AM KIND? BKIND shampoo bar does not contain SLS, silicone or any other ingredients that are harmful for the environment and for the hair. This product, like any other BKIND product, is designed and made in Montreal. Only the finest natural ingredients are used to provide the most benefits for the hair, products are always cruelty-free

HOW TO USE Soak the hair, then rub the shampoo bar directly on your scalp. Massage the scalp to lather up and rinse off.