Medley with Assorted Foliage (Live Plant Included) (7842098610403)


Medley Planter with Plant

Sale price$34.50

Add some lushness to your castle with Live Trends' foliage, featuring stoneware that combines a smooth matte glaze in 4" Medley planter that will add a touch of timelessness to any collection.

Item measures 6.5" x 6.5" x 20", depending on plant.

Paired with premium, lush tropical assorted live indoor plant varieties.

Grown in Florida based greenhouses.

Plant sizes may vary and no two plants are alike.


Confident (7538401935587)
Dynasty (7538380046563)
Sale price$158.00
11 reviews
Fly High (7536333816035)
Fridays (7535137423587)

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