What To Consider When Choosing Sunglasses

People usually think that the process of choosing sunglasses is easy as choosing clothes for example but that is not the case. Often people choose the wrong sunglasses for them and end up looking not that good compared to what they could have looked like with the right pair. That is why we decided to give you 3 tips to use when choosing your sunglasses.

1. Face Width
Like with clothing, you should always pay attention to what fits best so to get the perfect size make sure to measure the distance between your face and choose the frames depending on that.

2. Face Length
The face length is measured from your forehead to the bottom of your chin. You should always keep the balance having that in mind as short frames can make your face feel longer and respectfully long frames can make it look shorter, so you should make sure to get the perfect size to keep the look as balanced as possible.

3. Pay Attention To How The Sunglasses Feel
When you put the sunglasses on, always pay attention to how you and your eyes feel. You do not want sunglasses that feel heavy or tight, and also make your eyes feel tired or your head heart, so make sure to take all of that into account.

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