Trend Alert! Foldable Shades

Trend Alert! Foldable Shades

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Convenient. Collapsible. Cool. These words come to mind when describing the latest fashion trend: foldable sunglasses! As if we all don’t have enough bulky things like phones, wallets, and purses taking up space, now you can fold and fit your favorite go-to in the smallest compartment of your purse, or the pockets of your chinos. With foldable shades, there’s no need to rest them on your brow, hold them in your hand, or hang them from your shirt—this welcomed fashion trend keeps the finishing touch to your look compact and ready-to-wear.


What are foldable sunglasses?

They're called many names: foldable sunglasses, compact frames, folding eyewear, but in every case - they're a welcome trend to the world of Trading Looks! Foldable frames are sunglasses build with multiple pivoting hinges in the frame architecture. This allows the wearer to bend them in a way that allows for easier carrying and storage. 

Does Trading Looks sell folding eyewear?

Be on-trend and check out Trade’s DYNASTY, our foldable aviators with an enhanced jeweled frame and fashion tinted lenses for a look that’s on the go!

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