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Hitta Slim's Style & Swagger



Voted as one the the top artists to watch this summer , Hitta Slim is more than a lyricist and performer. He has created a movement - combining swagger and entertainment to provoke pride, growth, and excitement about his home city.

the rising artist

At a young age Hitta Slim became enthralled by the growing hip-hop scene, artists like Tupac and DJ Quik were among the voices that influenced this lyrical genius to start spitting his own bars, rock talent shows, and freestyle cyphers. In the early stages of his musical career, Slim´s flow captivated the attention of many audiences, including an executive from AWOL Records,and as a result he was signed with the label right he graduated high school.

dem beats

During this time, Hitta Slim dropped “Dog Lane'' which quickly became a Bay Area anthem. He was also featured on E-40’s Practice Makes Paper album, in addition, he has collaborated with artists such as Trina, Too $hort, IAMSU, and other big names. Soon after his AWOL contract ended, he was signed to E-40’s Sick Wid It Records. Hitta Slim’s music allows listeners to view all that the Bay Area has to offer from luxury shopping to beautiful women.

rocking trade shades

With this in mind, we were not surprised when Hitta Slim gravitated towards our Discotech Sunglasses, these sunglasses elevate any outfit and can be worn for any occasion day or night. This blingy rendition of your favorite aviator features an all-transparent frame with black accents and gold-plated arms to give it a luxury upgrade. Feel the polyester beats with transparent lenses that come in an array of swanky colors—they won’t hide those eyes when you’re ordering bottle service or let those harsh rays in when you’re leaving the after-hours. It’s a disco inferno.

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