FURGOD's Explosive L ‘Officiel Cover - Trading Looks

FURGOD's Explosive L ‘Officiel Cover

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FURGOD's Empire

To a few, he is known as Luis Chavez but to the world his is FURGOD. This San Francisco native, now based in Miami, has made his presence known across many industries. FURGOD has become a skilled storyteller not only through his clothing brand ‘FURGOD’, but also through his music and his newest venture in the CBD Industry with his CBDA infused energy drink called “7INTI Energy”.

Love What You Do

In his recent feature for L'Officiel India, FURGOD allows us to have a taste of his Luxury lifestyle but reminds readers to have a genuine love and passion for what they do and it’s not always about cashing money.

Rockin' Trade Shades

On the cover we see FURGOD wearing a pair of our Spiked Rock Glasses (not yet release),  as well as “DiscoTech” in orange and “Dayscaper” in Silver.  It's the continuous hustle for FURGOD  that makes him a true legend in the making and one of this generation's next great innovators. We are truly inspired and excited to see what’s next to come for  FURGOD.

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