The Perfect Trade Sunglasses by Face Shape

Choosing the perfect fit for your face shape when it comes to sunglasses can be a difficult task so we have decided to help you with that by showcasing the most commong face shapes and their best fits when it comes to sunglasses based on our recommendation.

This short article will provide you with massive help when you need to get a new pair of sunglasses as you will be prepared with what type of sunglasses you need exactly and what will fit your face

1. Square Face Shape

People who have a square-shaped face usually have a sturdy jawline, broad forehead and sturdy jawline. All that makes the face shape pretty balanced and symmetrical.

We advise you to use round and oval sunglasses styles for that kind on face shape as they will soften broad chin and make the square face look longer and softer.

Here is a perfect fit from our collection for people with square face shape - ALL THAT GLITTERS AIN'T GOLD - ILLUMINATI

2. Round Face Shape

When your face is round, it is circular with thick cheeks that go along with rounded chin and forehead. Again face dimensions are roughly balanced though the cheeks are the fullest part of the round face.
The main goal here is to make the face appear slimmer and longer and the best way to get that effect is with geometric types of sunglasses.

Here is a perfect fit from our collection for people with round face shape - DAY TRADER - SITGES

3. Diamond Face Shape

High cheekbones combined with slender eye line and chin area are what is called a diamond-shaped face. It is rarest from all the face shapes but still has the best sunglasses type to match it.
What you should look for if your face is diamond shaped are sunglasses with rectangular frames to give a softer and more balanced look.

Here is a perfect fit from our collection for people with a diamond shape face - DAYSCAPER - BLUE AND MIRRORS

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