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The Dayscaper in Glamour Magazine

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Irma Peñuñuri has a comprehensive Public Relations and marketing background in the corporate, entertainment and fashion sector. Additionally, she has an extensive educational background with a BA in Political Science, MA in Business Management and a Doctorate degree in Organization Leadership.


She was worked on nationwide campaigns such as Luso under Turo, The Obama/ Jbalvin Save the vote initiative: was a director of the New Majority leading the marketing for the McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Meg Whitman campaigns. Her work has been featured in many publications recently making the cover of Ellement magazine's influencer issue and an honorable mention in Rolling Stones magazine. Her knowledge and experience with social media trends and ever changing nature has allowed her to leverage brands of all kinds, especially in the fashion and Latino sector.

She currently owns her own multimedia fashion PR agency Burgerrock Media, magazine Burgerrock magazine and is featured nationwide on Telemundo giving fashion critiques for red carpets. Originally from Mexico, Irma's entrepreneurship success set her apart and is a positive influencer to the Mexican and Latino culture. Her diverse expertise and devotion every changing markers have kept her on top of her craft for the last ten years and many more to come.

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