The Best Ways To Clean Up Your Sunglasses

Most people don’t really have the knowledge of how to properly clean their sunglasses. Most often they use their shirt or other materials, leaving scratches on the farme and lenses. Having that in mind, we decided to make a guide for everyone on how to clean their sunglasses properly.

Microfiber cloth is the best way you can clean your favorite pair of sunglasses.

The microfiber cloth can easily clean the body oils that cause smudges. Just have in mind that the microfiber cloth is meant to be used dry only.

Use lotion-free dish soap only.

When cleaning your sunglasses, wash the lenses and frame using logion-free dish soap. And when drying it out, use a clean cotton cloth to gently wipe the water away from the sunglasses.

Never use paper products.

Never use paper towels, tissues, or toilet paper when cleaning the lenses of your sunglasses. Using paper products on your lenses can scratch or smear them, leaving them full of lint.

Avoid household cleaning products.

Most of the people think it is okay to use household cleaning products when cleaning their sunglasses, which is a big mistake. The reason for that is that household cleaners are ammonia-based, which can damage the protective layer on your sunglasses lenses.

Do not use your shirt.

You should never consider using your shirt when cleaning the lenses of your sunglasses. Various fabrics are abrasive to lenses. Also, clothes have dust and dirt on them, which can lead to scratches, especially when they are dry.

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