Style Pick: The Rocking Round Eye


Even though the current trend of sunglasses seems to be dominated by the square shapes of retros or the teardrop silhouettes of aviators, the ever-alluring round eye shades are still a vibe and are holding their own on the fashion scene. 

Round eye sunglasses have been around for centuries, but their exact origin story is a bit fuzzy. One could argue that they're the granddaddy of all sunglasses; modeled after the first known eyeglasses, circa the 1300s.

It wasn’t until the 1930’s, when Foster and Grant mass produced round eye shades, that their popularity exploded, spurred by Hollywood starlets who wore them to block out those blinding camera flashes.

They became all the rage, styles evolved, and the rest is sunglasses history.

The round eye's charm on popular culture harkens back to a few musical icons who knew how to rock them. John Lennon always sported a pair of wired framed, round eye shades that became synonymous with his persona and style. Elton John’s round eyes were always huge, colorful, and embellished, creating an unforgettable stage presence. And no one has quite gotten over Prince's badass shades in Purple Rain, a look that cemented him as a legend.


Yes, round eye shades are a total look and when paired with your fashionable best, evoke a free-spirited vibe of creativity, mystery, and mystique—setting you apart from a sea of squares.

Ready to rock a pair? While the classic, straightforward design is still around (and still a favorite), you’ll find more progressive designs like transparent acetate frames with tinted lenses, high fashion frames with oversized lenses, and takes on the original design with embellished frames and tinted lenses.

Get the John Lennon look with the Equinox Clear ($178), which features a modern round eye design with clear lenses, slim metal frame, and brow-bar.


For a trendy round eye, the Calabasas Iced Azul ($253) sports a transparent blue acetate frame and UV lenses.


It's a high fashion vibe with the Amore Sol Panther ($138) that features an oversized design with a bold black frame, gold accents, and gradient lenses. 


Pay homage to the legendary Prince with the Ibiza Noche Morada ($458), which  features the classic round eye architecture, a Swarovski embellished frame, and UV lenses.


Fit wise, round eye shades ideally work best with square and oval face shapes. But today's variants accentuate your style and look, allowing everyone to rock a pair.

Are you rocking a pair of round eyes? Tag us on Instagram @tradinglooks or drop us a comment below! Check out all our round eye styles for a look that’s too hot to be square.


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