Paris In Barcelona

Paris In Barcelona

Paris Hilton showed us some love! In her recent feature for L’Officiel Magazine, the hotel-heiress/businesswoman/fashion icon (whew, that’s a lot!) beautifully sports Trade’s very own Swarovski crystal-studded Barcelona sunglasses in the magazine’s photo shoot. According to the article, Paris stated that she also owns a Hermes bag that is studded with over 60,000 Swarovski crystals. The girl has good tastes.

An icon of many trades, including the fashion industry, most of us of remember Paris’ intro into the spotlight with the hit reality show “The Simple Life,” where she co-starred along with Nicole Richie. Paris has since established herself as worldwide pop-culture icon, becoming as household as her Hilton family name. 

We couldn’t be happier to see Paris accessorizing her look with our amazing Barcelona shades. With its beautifully iconic retro design, metal architecture, and Swarovski crystal embellishments along the frame, it’s no wonder why Paris chose them—we’re sure it’s a perfect match with that Hermes bag. Check out the Last Rose edition of the Barcelona in the Icon Collection and a look that Miss Hilton would say, “That’s hot.”

From the infamous All That Glitters to the Swarovski detialed Ibizas and Barcelonas, the new Winter Collection from Trading Looks will keep you looking hot this winter. Use Winter22 for 20% off the Winter Collection for a limited time!

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