Our Top 3 Women's Sunglasses To Wear This Summer

With summer being around the corner, our team here at Trading Looks has decided to share with you our favorite top 3 sunglasses models that will look perfect on any women for that summer!

1. The Apollonia - Mykonos - Limited Edition
Apollonia is Chic and sophisticated bringing the colors of the sand and blue crisp ocean, which makes that pair the perfect one to have for the upcoming summer. Featuring its amazing forms and polarized lenses, these sunglasses will surely bring you that feeling of class and comfort you have always wanted to have!

2. Star Dust - Galaxy
If you are looking to stand out in a crowd and have all eyes on you, than that pair of beautiful sunglasses is the perfect choice for you! Spread your glamour wherever you go and feel as a real celebrity!

3. Star Struck - Original
Bringing that amazing beach vibe, these sunglasses will always have your back! Perfect for a casual day out, or a day at the beach, you will always feel comfortable wearing them. Their Transparent frames add up to the amazing style and their 400 UV protection, make sure your eyes are always safe!

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