Legends and their Retro Shades


It’s funny how fashion trends seem to recycle every 10 years or so. Skinny jeans are out, and Olivia Rodrigo's mom jeans and Harry Styles' flared pants are in. But unlike sunglasses, there seems to be a constant that never lost its appeal—the ever so alluring retro shades.

Sure, the retro style has evolved and gone through iterations over the years, but its sleek and handsome design remained popular through the decades, in part (and in thanks) to the mega icons of pop culture who cemented its coolness and became synonymous with the look—forever ingraining it into our style consciousness. 

Here’s a list of our favorite legends in their retro sunglasses and our choice of TRADES to make your repertoire just as iconic.

After all, a good look never goes out of style.

Andy Warhol

Besides his famous portraits of Marylin Monroe and Campbell's Soup cans, Warhol was also well known for his OG hipster fashion and tousled hair, often sporting retro shades that were part square, part round-eye—and full-on cool. Love the Warhol look? Check out the Calabasas Classic Black with its vintage round eye style and acetate frame that will make your style iconic.

Andy Warhol


Bob Dylan

A folk rock legend of the 60’s, Bob Dylan, sported his classic retro Ray-Bans practically everywhere—even wearing them while recording one of his greatest hits, Like A Rolling Stone. Inspired by the Bob Dylan look? The Compton Dark Night exudes that Dylan-esque vibe, featuring an iconic retro-square design and acetate frame for a style that’s inspired like his music.

Bob Dylan

James Dean

A legend departed too early, James Dean influenced a generation of young men to emulate his matinee good looks, rebellious attitude, and boyishly masculine fashion sense. Get the Dean style with the Equinox Deep , featuring a retro round-eye and brow-bar design for a look that’s very rebel without a cause.


Equinox Deep

Tom Cruise

Still dominating today's box office, Tom Cruise practically put Ray Ban’s Wayfarer on the map in the 80’s blockbuster Risky Business. A look that was so legendary, it's an iconic movie poster. For the Cruise style, our Inception Baseline features an oversized, sporty retro square style for that matinee idol look.


The chart-topping Queen of Pop has gone through many reinventions over the years, but it was her movie debut in the Desperately Seeking Susan, donning a winged out retro-square that made her—and the shades—legendary. Love Madonna’s style? Check out our Starboy Magic Stick sunglasses that feature that an oversized retro-square style and a premium frame for a look that dominates the charts.

Audrey Hepburn

It’s the little black dress, the updo hair, and those oversized retros in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s that cemented Audrey Hepburn as a legend. Get yourself that classic look with our Picnic Nightfall shades that feature an oversized retro style and gradient lenses for that Hepburn glamour.

Which one is your favorite legend? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to shop all our retro sunglasses to create your own iconic style.

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