We’re aghast that social media kings Juanpa Zurita and Andy Zurita were donning some Trade. In their recent photo shoot in L’Officiel Magazine, the social media duo sports a couple of our favorite shades—the All That Glitters and Trillionaire—styled with some slick outfits. The boys looked very on point.

Inspiring Others

Originally from Mexico City, the brothers went from making comedy Vine videos to branching into international social media influencers. How do they attribute their success? By just being themselves. The Juanpa and Andy love to use their platform to inspire Latinos and in their interview with L’Officiel, Andy Zurita stated “It can be a small flame that inspires other Mexicans and Latinos to believe that you can reach different parts of the world from just being you.” We agree, inspiring people by being yourself is an awesome formula for success.


Trillionaires & All That Glitters

We loved to see Juanpa and Andy just being themselves and expressing their style with the All That Glitters and Trillionaire shades from our Icon Collection. TheTrillionaire with its ultra-luxe aviator design, and the All That Glitters with its touch of bling, are the perfect shades to put the finishing touch to your own inspired style. Check them out in our Icon Collection.

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