Hollywood starlet and social media sensation, Hannah Stocking, shined a little brighter while strolling the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, donning Trade’s shimmery All That Glitters sunglasses. Straight from the Trade Collection, these glittery shades represent the latest in bejeweled eyewear that’s hot trend in fashion. From crystal studded retro frames to glittered-up aviators, you’ll find celebrities sporting them on the red carpet, and top designers applying them to finished runway looks. After all, who doesn’t love some jewelry for their eyes?

Hannah looks gorgeous our shades! Originally from Portland, Oregon, this uber-popular model, actress, and social media personality got her start making videos during the Vine era, and she’s been on an upward trajectory ever since, amassing 7.2 million subscribers on YouTube, 20 million followers on Instagram, and a whopping 25 million followers on TikTok. If you thought that was impressive, the girl also holds two degrees in biology and chemistry—how’s that for beauty, talent, and brains?

Love Hannah’s look? Check out the selection of All That Glitters shades in our Winter 2022 Collection—get yourself this luxe, oversized aviator that has some blingy shimmer on the sides for a bedazzled look that’s on-trend. Use code Winter22 for 20% off of any Winter 2022 Collection Shades for a limited time.


  • Jose said:

    Very nice

    April 01, 2022

  • I need Frames To Put Prescriptions In said:

    Do you put new perdctiptions I new frames?

    April 01, 2022

  • Cassandra Smith said:

    Nice eye wear. Interesting looks

    April 01, 2022

  • Harry Jackson said:

    I want them ALL!!

    April 01, 2022

  • Nicholas Sisneros said:

    Very cool

    April 01, 2022

  • Aalayah said:

    I love these sunglasses they are super cute and beautiful

    April 01, 2022

  • Dora HILL said:

    I love these Sun Glasses if only I could afford a pair

    April 01, 2022

  • Justin DeCamp said:

    She’s a babe! I own a pair of these shades, and they look just as good on my girlfriend as they do on me.

    November 30, 2021

  • Kristin Cressoine said:

    She’s gorgeous! Those shades are everything.

    November 30, 2021

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