Caring for your TRADE Shades


You loved, you clicked, you bought. Your brand-new shades are giving you a tight look, a sick style, the envy of your squad, and gaggle of admirers. Besides all that, your killer shades' essential function is to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays and the elements. So, why not protect them?

We put a lot of effort into designing a solid pair of sunglasses, but they’re not impervious to excessive wear and tear if you don’t give them just a little TLC.

Here are some pointers on how to care your TRADES, get the most of out them, and to keep them as good and as glam as the day you bought them.  

Don’t put them in your pocket. Pockets are great for phones or keys, but they are not the ideal place for your TRADES. Doesn’t matter how big those pockets are, they’re prone to scuffs and scratches from dirt or keys, the pant material itself, or whatever else might be in our pocket—not to mention potentially bending and damaging the hinges if your jeans are too tight.  

Don’t drop or face down. It happens, but one drop at the wrong angle, and on the wrong surface, can damage the lens, scuff the frame, or both—be careful. Also, protect the lenses and don't lay them face-down on a surface. 

Leave the Windex for the windows. Windex is great for glass, but not ideal for your shades. Ammonia is harsh and can strip the coatings and other treatments of your shades. If they need a good cleaning, use dish soap, a lens cleaner, or plain warm water to get that sparkle again.

Paper towels are a no-no. Paper towels, bathroom tissue, napkins, and facial tissue are made of wood pulp and are a no-no. Abrasive paper products can cause light scratches and abrasions to both the lenses and frame, so save the Kleenex for the sneeze.

Don't just throw them in your purseWhether it’s your purse or messenger bag, gym bag or backpack—they’re all hostile environments for your delicate shades. We know it’s convenient to just toss them in, but store them in a small bag or case to protect from keys, phones, coins, and even the bag itself.

Clean off the smudges. Smudgy, dirty shades affect the clarity and quality of your vision. Grab a terry cloth towel or microfiber cloth to keep them spotless, but as mentioned before; don’t reach for the paper towels or window cleaner.

The best way to protect and clean? Use your TRADE storage bag and cloth—they're complimentary so you can protect, keep them clean, and get the most out of your new look. 

How well do you take care of yours? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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