Bella Dose & Twisted Pennywise Rock Out In Trade Shades


 Accessorizing their looks with Trade’s 4 A.M. and Appolonia shades, Latina pop-sensation, Bella Dose, revealed a new member to their group: Tik Tok sensation, Twisted Pennywise. Well, not exactly. The four-member girl group had a little fun posting a Tik Tok video promoting their recent single, “She,” where they danced in a train to reveal Twisted Pennywise as their newest (guest) member—the post has garnered over 15K views. We’re in love with the Bell Dose ladies, their music, and their fashion sense!

The four members of Bella Dose—Briana Leah, Jennifer Hernandez, Thais Rodriguez, and Melany Rivera—are the first Latin bilingual girl group to hit the American pop music scene. Their current single, “She,” is an infectious and haunting pop ballad that deserves a spot on your playlist. We can’t get enough of it!

Our 4 A.M. shades from the Beach Collection and our Appolonia shades from the Fall Collection are the perfect fit for these Latina pop-starlets. That oversized retro design made with premium acetate serves some high style and an upscale look. These Tradeing Looks styles are a statement of climbing that ladder of success—just like the Bella Dose queens climbing the pop charts. Get a pair and join them in their reach for the stars!

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