King of Shades – The Aviator

King of Shades – The Aviator

In the realm of sunglasses, if there is one king to rule them all, it would be the aviator. Of course, that’s a debatable argument, but the fact that the aviator is still wildly popular since its inception in the 1930’s speaks for itself. Not just for making you look super impressive and ultra-sexy on a first date, the aviator’s light weight, teardrop lenses, skinny metal frame, and polarized protection are all functional in design—made to fit easily under a pilot’s helmet, provide shielding from the elements, reduce the sun’s glare, and increase visibility when flying the friendly skies.


It was a photo of General Douglas MacArthur sporting his aviators on the shores of the Philippines during WWII that sparked its popularity and thrust into popular culture. These classic sunglasses have been made iconic several times over in movies, fashion, and music by the likes of Tom Cruise, Michael Kors, and Jay-Z. And not only popular with the men, but women love to rock them, too—just Google how stunning J-Lo looks in her aviators.


While the aviator still reigns supreme, it’s gone through some inspired upgrades and facelifts over the years. Today, you’ll find a fractured kingdom of variations that have bit more pizzaz and verve than original, from enhanced metal frames with some bling, to tinted teardrop lenses that heighten a mood.


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Here’s a list of our favorite TRADE aviators—and our homage to the king of shades.


  1. ALL THAT GLITTERS – BULLETPROOF Our signature shades is our variation of the original, with a jet-black frame, black metal temples, and a blingy upgrade of shimmer on the sides that adds a bit of hustle to your repertoire.


  1. CAVIAR – DREAMER For those with expensive tastes, CAVIAR is a delectable aviator with skinny gold temples, a Mazzuchelli acetate frame, and gradient green lenses that says money, honey.


  1. ZILLIONAIRE – AZULEJO These stunning shades keep true to the original aviator design but ups the ante with an Italian Mazzuchelli acetate frame and blue, antireflective lenses for a look that takes flight.


  1. TRILLIONAIRE – ELECTRIC We’re all about the classic look of these aviators, trading the traditional teardrops for rectangular lenses and a premium acetate frame for a style that’s in the twelve figures.  


  1. DISCOTECH – PACHA We love life through the rose-tinted lenses of these club-ready shades with an oversized, transparent frame and gold metal temples—it’s a groovy homage to the classic.


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