4 Things You Should Avoid Doing With Your Sunglasses

Taking a special care for your sunglasses is always a must if you intend to preserve them as long as possible and have them look as they are brand new for as many years as you can! To achieve that you must follow some must's when it comes to keeping your sunglasses in a perfect condition so we decided to give you the best 4 tips on what to avoid doing with your favorite pair of sunglasses.

1. Never Put Your Lenses Face Down
Leaving your lenses face down can result in them getting scratched and ruined which no one wants to have especially when you have spent a significant amount to get these great sunglasses.

2. Do Not Keep Your Shades On The Top Of Your Head
A common thing to do, leaving your sunglases on the top of your head may result in the frames stretching over time which makes the sunglasses look irregular and no one wants that!

3. Do Not Use Clothing To Clean Your Sunglasses
A common mistake, using a piece of clothing to clean up your sunglasses may also result in scratching the lenses as clothes have rough fibers which can have a significant negative effect over the lenses of your sunglasses.

4. Do Not Throw Your Shades Wherever It Feels Convenient
You should always keep your sunglasses protected in a special compartment or in their cases. Not doing that will most likely result in scratched lenses or even broken sunglasses as for example many people like to put their sunglasses in their back pocket and forget about it, so when they sit, they instantly break them.

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