10 Cool Shades for Under $150


If the title of this blog has caught your eye and piqued your interest, chances are, you have some wiggle with your hard-earned green and you’re in the market for some fresh drops. But, with a bit of discretion.


We get it, it’s painful out in the world today with gas prices up, interest rates up, rents up—you name it. Why not up your style?


Since everyone is looking to stretch their almighty dollar, we drew up a 10 of the Coolest Shades for Under $150 list so you can splurge (just a little) and invest in a pair of awesome sunglasses that’ll not only make you look good, but protect your eyes from the sun, too. 


Besides, it’s not like you’re dropping all your money on a new Bentley, right? Although, it might be fun to cruise around in one sporting your new shades. 



  1. ALL THAT GLITTERS – DEMETER Currently priced just a few notches under $150, the All That Glitters Demeter is an outstanding investment, featuring an oversized aviator design with UV lenses, an all-black frame, and a touch of shimmery blue bling on the sides that’s worthy of your dollar. Get these badass shades for $128. 
  1. 4 A.M. – ORANGE These shades are already a good deal at $118, but they dropped even further, and you can grab them for only $82. The style is sleek and retro, the fit is wide over your eyes, and the orange and black color combo is the money shot.



  1. AMORE SOL – PANTHER These shades made the list at $138 retail, but they’re even a sweeter deal with the current sale tag of $70. The Amore Sol serves lots of oversized glam with gold accents, and the TRADE logo embossed on the temples and lenses that will make your ensemble next level.



  1. BENJAMIN – GOLD DIGGER We’re not saying you’re a gold digger but when you sport these beauties, it’s fair game. The Benjamin is one cool looking pair of shades that feature a slick aviator design, brow bar, and oversized UV lenses. It retails for $128, but don’t bug your daddy too hard because for a limited time, they’re only $70.



  1. CABANA – MEDITERRANEAN SEA The retail price of the Cabana doesn’t qualify to be on the list, but at its current sale price of $70, it made the cut. Featuring an oversized, transparent blue frame, gradient UV lenses, and thick, patterned temples in a tortoise color way—these cooler than cool shades are a steal.

  1. ABU DHABI – PITCH BLACK These sunglasses are straight up money with a winged retro design and a premium acetate frame, making the list at a sale price of $128. They're an excellent style investment. 
  1. LUCKY – NOCHE A boss look for less, these shades made the list priced at mere $128. They’re big and stylish with a black-on-black color combo, providing lots of coverage from the rays—and lots of coolness to your presence.


  1. EDM – TORTOISE Drop your hard-earned dollar on a look that’s edgy and get these shades for only $118. This edition of the EDM features a sleek, tortoise colored retro frame and a wide stance that will make people wonder where you acquired your keen (and financially smart) fashion sense from.


  1. CAVIAR – DREAMER You’ll get that wow factor when you sport these shades; they’re oversized with a glossy frame and a singular gradient green lens that will lend you all kinds of fashion cred. They’re currently priced at $45, don’t pass them up. 


  1. TRENDSETTER – BLACK & GOLD Look avant-garde and feel expensive for only $128. A forward design with black UV lenses that are accented and encased in gold metal, you’ll be setting the trends.


Go ahead and treat yourself. Which one will you be getting? Let us know in the comments below and shop all our styles priced under $150.  

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