• Style Pick: The Rocking Round Eye

    Style Pick: The Rocking Round Eye
    Even though the current trend of sunglasses seems to be dominated by the square shapes of retros or the teardrop silhouettes of aviators, the ever-alluring round eye shades are still a vibe and are holding their own on the fashion scene.  Round eye sunglasses have been around for centuries, but their exact origin story is a bit fuzzy. One could argue that they're the...
  • Caring for your TRADE Shades

    Caring for your TRADE Shades
    You loved, you clicked, you bought. Your brand-new shades are giving you a tight look, a sick style, the envy of your squad, and gaggle of admirers. Besides all that, your killer shades' essential function is to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays and the elements. So, why not protect them? We put a lot of effort into designing a solid pair of...
  • 10 Cool Shades for Under $150

    10 Cool Shades for Under $150
    If the title of this blog has caught your eye and piqued your interest, chances are, you have some wiggle with your hard-earned green and you’re in the market for some fresh drops. But, with a bit of discretion.   We get it, it’s painful out in the world today with gas prices up, interest rates up, rents up—you name it. Why not up...
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